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An interesting start to the round with the tee enclosed by some very large trees leaving quite a narrow exit into a fairway that slopes wickedly from left to right. The further back the tee marker the more difficult the shot becomes. The raised green has a majestic ancient yew at its back edge and will give the first indication of how quick the greens will be on the round. Approaches to the green will have to be accurate or they will be in trouble left or fall away to the right.

  • Par 4
  • Yards 297
  • Stroke Index 10

Tee Marker

Hole map

Pro's tip

Positional play is key, aim left to stand any chance of staying on the fairway. Approach into the green requires half a club more but beware of being short as it leaves you a tough up and down.

Tim ThornleyMichael Ramsden Head PGA professional

Leeds Cup Winner 2017

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