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Stand on the tee and you will see why such a short hole is deserving of the low stroke index. Both members and visitors alike have a love / hate relationship with the hole as it can be a card wrecker but give a real sense of achievement if played well. Hitting the narrow strip of fairway is a must to allow a tough approach up the tunnel of trees. Take one more club than you think to a long and narrow green. Definitely a hole to remember.

  • Par 4
  • Yards 324
  • Stroke Index 5

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Pro's tip

A daunting tee shot in between the trees. Requires a 185 yard shot in to position. Everything feeds from right to left. Uphill blind second shot plays longer than the yardage suggest favour the right side as left is dead.

Tim ThornleyMichael Ramsden Head PGA professional

Leeds Cup Winner 2017

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